Is chinese food ok for toddlers?

Chinese food is an affordable, kid-friendly introduction to ethnic food. Chinese restaurants are gentle enough to please the most sensitive taste buds, with lots of new foods to try, and are ideal for the whole family. My son eats main food and fried rice every time we buy Chinese food. Why not? Steamed meatballs and fried rice with vegetables are totally normal foods for young children.

I would let mine eat that, but picking up the meatballs can be a little difficult because the steamed ones are so slippery. Fish is a common dish, but Chinese cooks don't usually remove bones. Therefore, fish is quite a risky challenge for adults, let alone for children. If your children accidentally swallow a fish bone or something similar and it gets stuck in their throats, the usual remedy in China is to eat a bite or two of rice to send it to their stomachs.

Many restaurants use packaged and disinfected dishes. It may not be fully cleaned, especially in lower-priced restaurants. You can ask the waiter for hot water to wash the dishes. Or you can bring your own crockery for your children.

Zebra is very intelligent, the temperature of rice is the only thing to worry about, not only in Chinese food, but also in anything that is “buffet” style, since you have no idea how long he has been sitting there or if it is kept at the optimal temperature.