What chinese food is usually vegan?

This vegan Chinese dish combines delicious Chinese sauce seasoned with shredded jackfruit, spicy pickled onions, and soft, delicate bao rolls. These three ingredients are known as the “three earthly rewards” in Shandong cuisine and, when mixed in a stir-fry, form one of the oldest homemade dishes in Chinese gastronomic culture. This recipe for vegan red cabbage and radish spring rolls is for those who want restaurant-quality vegan Chinese food that's easy to get at home. When you order food at a Chinese restaurant, you can't just assume that General Tso's Lo Mein of tofu or vegetables is vegan.

Steamed vegetables, sautéed green beans, sauteed snow peas, fresh asparagus, mixed vegetables, sauteed broccoli, Chinese bean cottage cheese, tofu with black mushrooms and soy sprouts, Chinese eggplant, Sichuan tofu or seitan, General Tso tofu, Moo Shu vegetables, bittersweet tofu, orange tofu, kung pao tofu, kung pao tofu, vegetarian chow mein, Buddha's Delight. In fact, using the general term Chinese cuisine is a bit misleading, as each province brings its own unique flavors and unique foods. We've found 20 delicious vegan Chinese recipes for you, divided into starters and main courses, so you can experiment with different types of vegan Chinese food. While it's possible to eat a delicious meal at a Chinese restaurant, you may decide that you prefer to prepare your own Chinese food at home.

To get started, read How to Make Your Own Vegan Chinese Food at Home and, if you're gluten-free, see How to Make Great Vegan and Gluten-Free Chinese Food.