What is the best chinese restaurant for a romantic dinner in dallas?

Royal China · “Great Food”; 2.Howard Wang's Uptown China Brasserie · “No atmosphere, but good food. Howard Wang's China Grill · “Everything's great”; 4.Here are 10 of Moon's most loved Chinese restaurants and what he recommends in each of them. Where to find dim sum, stew, skewers, Peking duck, crock-pot rice and hearty soups. For the past five years, the Metroplex's Chinese dining offering has exploded with a colorful fireworks show featuring the favorite dishes of Chinese Americans, Cantonese, Sichuan and more.

Add some of these places to your food list to sample the regional styles and specific Chinese delicacies that DFW diners love. Trinity GrovesA lively addition to the multi-restaurant establishment in West Dallas, Sum Dang Good Chinese offers music from the 80s, artisanal cocktails and hand-shredded noodles, among its many attractions. This family-run restaurant, a reference in Chinese cuisine in Dallas since 1974, has always been popular for its authentic meatballs, its perfectly prepared dim sum and its fantastic regional Chinese dishes.