What is the best chinese takeout in dallas?

Here are 10 of Moon's most loved Chinese restaurants and what he recommends at each one. The Pei Wei Asian restaurant is the ideal place for locals who want to quickly try delicious Chinese food. Locals highly praise this restaurant's takeout options. It has the usual takeout exterior, but once you get inside, you'll be surprised by the Chinese food they serve.

The restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Its strong point is traditional Chinese chicken dishes. What's even better is that Pei Wei Asian Diner always serves their food fresh and hot. This is a surprising advantage, since it's close to being Asian fast food.

The Bobo China restaurant is located on Church Road in Dallas and offers authentic Chinese food to people in and within the city. The Riyen Chinese restaurant is great for those who want Chinese food to go without risking their food being bland or hastily prepared. Howard Wang's Uptown China Brasserie is for those who want to try Chinese food fused with diverse dishes and cultural cuisines. Trinity GrovesA lively addition to the multi-restaurant establishment in West Dallas, Sum Dang Good Chinese offers music from the 80s, artisanal cocktails and hand-shredded noodles, among its many attractions.

An advantage of this restaurant is its relaxing atmosphere that combines with the equally comforting Chinese food they offer to their regular diners. Add some of these places to your list of restaurants to try the regional styles and specific Chinese delicacies that DFW diners love. The Asia Wok restaurant is one of the restaurants in Dallas that offers the cheapest dishes on the menu without missing any of the Chinese flavors. This Chinese restaurant is for those who are not in a hurry and just want to go unnoticed and relax with good food and drink.

This restaurant has received one of the highest customer ratings among Dallas Chinese restaurants. The authenticity and flavor of the food served at the Sichuan Chinese restaurant have allowed it to become one of the most popular Chinese foods in Dallas. The Flaming Buffet Chinese restaurant is one of the buffets that locals frequent to enjoy hearty Chinese food at an affordable price. For the past five years, the Metroplex's Chinese dining offering has exploded with a colorful fireworks show featuring the favorite dishes of Chinese Americans, Cantonese, Sichuan and more.

Beneath the modest exterior of Bo Bo China is a beautiful restaurant that serves authentic Chinese food at a reasonable price. So, for those who are vegetarians, take care of their food intake and for those who want to try vegan food with a traditional Chinese touch, this restaurant is for you.